This tool will help you to making box and image should write your text in box below after pressing upload you will have box in the second box filed
Some Important points:
1-We suggest you to use chrome as a browser because it is faster that the others and it's images are sharper than Firefox 16 or IE9.
2-For image if your text is more that 2000 word this tool can not give you directly image file and you should use screen capture extensions(Google's extension) that is works for texts less than 10K words
3-Before doing large texts please test tesseract-ocr with small texts (box, Image) with different font size because it only has good result for specific font size (40 for Arial) and it's warnings are different for different fonts!
4-Font size for arial should be 40 and Images should be 500 Dpi so you should Change your Image's Dpi & size (cm) without changing total pixel size number! (in Photoshop > image size). Re-save your file with AcdSee to have compatible Tiff File!

The text:

Font: Font size: px Space between the letters: px Height of the lines: px

Calibrating Boxs' Coordinations:
Shift Column 1: Column 2: Column 3: Column 4: Page:

This part is for spicifice Languages (Connected charcters, Right to Left):

Download: Image | Box